Do you want to get to know a lawyer at work and after work, get a glimpse at a business lawyer’s life, both professional and behind the scenes?

Cause we sure are curious to meet you. The lawyer of tomorrow, the person. Your goals, hopes, dreams, expectations, fears perhaps, strengths and maybe weaknesses, values, humor, silliness and depths.

So let’s get to know each other. During the LLA-W SUITS event. A special happening for the most passionate, brilliant and free-spirited law students. Are you one of them? Do you know it in your gut that you are meant to be extraordinary? Then accept our challenge and sign up for a place* at our event. You will get all the details by email. 

*there will be 15 places available, which will be filled following a pre-selection consisting of solving a tricky legal aspect and an informal quiz. Both are to be solved at home and sent by e-mail.


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