Environmental Law

In a divided world, great joint efforts are being made to combat climate change in various structures, from regional ones, such as EU Climate Action and the European Green Agreement, to global ones, such as the Paris climate agreement.

Romania is no exception to implementing and enforcing the policies agreed with international partners aiming to substantially reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, in a regional context, where the main stated objectives are that, by 2050, Europe becomes the world’s first climate-neutral continent and, while some impacts of climate change are unavoidable, a continent with a climate-resilient society, adapted to the impacts of climate change.

These ambitious directions and objectives are inevitably reflected in a strict, rigid and complex regulatory framework, accompanied by the need for structural changes in the ways of production and consumption, transport and, in general, in the way people live together.

Having lawyers recognized for their good knowledge in the field and great ability to react, the team is able to provide regulatory guidance and assistance on environmental issues related to complex projects in various industries. Among other things, we provide legal assistance in the full range of issues related to authorization, compliance, transactions and regulations, such as:

  • environmental impact assessment procedures,
  • environmental aspects in the context of mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and other transactions,
  • environmental permitting,
  • compliance,
  • participation of the public in the decision-making process,
  • waste management, including waste recycling,
  • environmental liability,
  • emission trading,
  • the framework of natural protected areas,
  • environmental incidents,
  • plastic ban regulations,
  • closure of waste landfills,
  • challenging the administrative sanctions imposed by the enforcing authorities,
  • environment litigations
  • other day-to-day environment matters.

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