Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

The varied and complex regulatory aspects of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, as well as the constant medical innovation and advancement require a multidisciplinary approach, which our team is able to provide in an integrated manner, combining its industry specific know-how with the extensive experience in related and interconnected practice areas, such as data protection, intellectual property, employment, tax, competition etc.

Our team is always looking forward to finding the best solution for any of our client’s matters, tailored to its needs, while ensuring compliance with all industry specific requirements, as well as with all other general regulatory matters applicable.

Among others, our practice in this area includes legal assistance regarding research and development matters, marketing restrictions for pharmaceutical and medical devices, regarding product and sales, regulatory and compliance issues, product liability issues, distribution and marketing contracts, pharmacies and health institutions establishment, authorization and sale of new medicines, pricing policies and reimbursement issues, clawback tax, clinical studies, sponsorship agreements or specialized services agreements with healthcare professional or healthcare organizations, contracts and procedures, dispute resolution.

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