Litigation & Arbitration & Mediation

The experience gained in a multitude of highly complex disputes combined with a solid legal background and a thorough assessment of details led to the growth of our litigation team to a top level of combativity, creativity and sharpness.

The department is recognized for litigation work in a wide range of court and arbitration disputes, for both domestic and international clients, regarding    various matters including:

  • commercial contracts in different areas, such as technology, real estate development, services, lease and joint venture partnerships,
  • public tender contracts, including FIDIC contracts, road construction and rehabilitation contracts,
  • IP rights,
  • unfair competition,
  • shareholders conflicts,
  • non-contractual civil liability,
  • taxation,
  • employment,
  • insolvency and pre-insolvency,
  • insurance,
  • enforcement procedures,
  • civil and family related conflicts,
  • property restitution procedures
  • criminal law procedures.


Irrespective of the type of claim, the team proved its value especially in cases where great ingenuity and in depth understanding of legal institutions and mechanisms is required – in brief, in cases where there seemed to be no solution – and in cases with a high level of technical details and a complex state of events to be assessed and then qualified from legal perspective. From the ability to pinpoint the legal aspects involved, to the fluency of the arguments and the force of the plea, our litigation team is really a dream team.

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