Real Estate & Construction

In recent years, the real estate market has been one of the leading business sectors in Romania. From residential to commercial constructions and industrial parks, there are always developers looking to start new innovative real estate projects and investors searching for attractive investments.

Throughout the years, our specialized team of lawyers has been handling a wide range of real estate transactions, both domestic and cross-border, being recognized for its expertise and know-how in this area and for being capable of understanding not only the legal aspects of each transaction, but also the business part of the deal.

Our practice includes, among other things, legal assistance regarding land acquisitions, project management, high-end real estate developments, real estate investments, project financing, leases (both tenants and landlord orientated), construction contracts (including FIDIC construction contracts).

Thus, our team of lawyers is able to ensure legal assistance for any type of real estate transactions (acquisition/lease) and real estate projects, regardless of the sector – residential buildings, retail/shopping centers, industrial/logistic parks, lands, office buildings etc.

The legal services provided by our team cover the whole cycle of any real estate project, from the due diligence analysis, to drafting the transaction documents (such as, shareholders agreements, sale and purchase agreements, lease agreements, construction contracts), and the financing documents, as well as providing legal assistance regarding the daily operations and management and for creating strategies for tax structuring and exit mechanisms.

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