Banking & Finance

The COVID-19 lockdown reshaped the financing industry, ushering in a new competitive landscape in a global race for stabilizing the economies. A well-structured financing plays an important role for the companies who struggle to maintain and develop their businesses in the pandemic and post-pandemic era.

In a continuous emerging environment, our Banking & Finance team managed to provide valuable legal advice for a wide range of clients – from major international corporations to smaller companies and private individuals, with experienced lawyers recognized for their ability in developing financing strategic options tailored to the client’s individual needs.

Combining a solid legal background with the experience of complex financing deals and the appetite to find top solutions for the clients, the team provides legal assistance, among others, in

– structuring

  • loan and syndicated loan transactions,
  • projects financing in diverse areas such as real estate acquisition, assets acquisition and business takeover,
  • leasing transactions,
  • mortgages transactions,

– dealing with banking and financial services complex contracts,

– loans restructuring,

– dealing with distressed debts,

– factoring and receivables purchase,

– acquisition of non-performing loan portfolios,

– payment services and fintech areas,

– financial regulatory issues,

– licensing and authorization processes,

– dealing with banks requirements in terms of know your client and anti-money laundering procedures


– other daily banking operations.

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