The employment environment has been deeply influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic not only in Romania, but all over the world. Major changes in the mentality of employers and employees have occurred (in some cases accompanied by legal measures imposed by the government), changing the approach to teleworking, causing the restructuring of the activities and the implementation of new safety measures regarding office work.

Our employment department successfully approached the new challenges brought by the pandemic environment, being recognized by our wide range of clients – from major international corporations to smaller companies and private individuals, both in Romania and internationally, for its ability to be always on top of things, despite the dizzying pace of legal changes in the pandemic context, for its client-orientated approach and understanding the client’s business and for being able to always find solutions, both law compliant and in sync with the client’s needs.

Among others, our employment team provides legal assistance in:

  • the implementation of mandatory safety procedures regarding the work from office in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, of telework procedures, of flexible work schedules, of organizational chart restructurings and of procedures for electing the employees’ representatives,
  • the negotiation and drafting of collective bargaining agreements,
  • structuring flexible benefits systems,
  • drafting internal regulations and policies in a wide variety of domains, such as confidentiality, compliance, non-compete, sexual harassment, moral harassment at work, psychological harassment, equal treatment, discrimination, whistleblower, disciplinary and performance evaluation,
  • drafting complex individual labor agreements,
  • creating strategies and assisting clients in disciplinary and evaluation procedures,
  • dealing with employment aspects of mergers and acquisitions, such as employees’ transfers in the context of transfer of undertakings regulations,
  • dealing with termination of employment and mass lay-offs,
  • dealing with technical unemployment procedures,
  • creating strategies and assisting clients in employment litigations,
  • dealing with labor mobility including A1 social security form,
  • dealing with social security law and pensions procedures
  • other daily employment matters.

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