Energy & Natural Resources

The energy and natural resources sector is facing major challenges, with all sorts of changes taking place. From the race to develop more efficient and economical renewable energy sources to the efforts to address climate change, the industry is constantly evolving and new opportunities are expected to appear in finding and suppling energy and natural resources to the world. Solar and wind energy projects seem to be increasingly attractive in Romania, while other conventional sources retain their crucial importance for the country.

In a strictly regulated environment in which the companies need to navigate, benefiting of top legal advice can make the difference. With a young and dynamic team, responsive and attentive to the clients’ needs and aimed to propose realistic and commercially effective solutions, combined with a great complementarity which allows covering the different aspects of complex deals, we provide legal assistance in a large variety of projects.

In the strictly regulated environment where companies have to navigate, the benefits of top legal advice can make all the difference. With a dynamic team, responsive and attentive to the client’s needs and prepared to offer realistic and commercially efficient solutions and to cover the various aspects of complex transactions, we offer legal assistance in a wide variety of projects.

Among others, our expertise includes:

  • regulatory advice at all levels of industry specific activities,
  • compliance and reporting matters with the industry regulators,
  • assistance in licensing,
  • assistance and interactions with the regulatory authorities,
  • due diligence in industry projects,
  • structuring and negotiating industry specific agreements,
  • energy market trading regulations,
  • financing industry projects,
  • taxation specific to industry projects,
  • protection of intellectual property specific to industry,
  • challenging the sanctions imposed by the regulatory authorities,
  • industry-related litigations
  • other day-to-day regulatory issues.

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