In a challenging environment often characterized by an unpredictable legal framework, our lawyers are recognized by the clients for their ability to think on their feet and quickly identify the issue in question and especially for finding solutions. 

The team members are always available to promptly address the clients’ questions and requests and are able to handle matters professionally and at the highest level even in case of very tight deadlines, which often occur in tax related matters.

With lawyers that are well-known experts in their field, the team focuses on the client’s goals, providing high-level tax advice to both domestic and international clients and, most importantly, solutions to fully support the client’s needs – no matter how varied or complex.

Among others, we provide legal assistance in:

  • tax inspections on corporate tax, VAT, payroll tax etc.,
  • creating strategies and assisting clients in tax litigations,
  • reviewing of transfer pricing policies,
  • structuring real estate projects from a tax perspective, from matters related to the transfer of the ownership over the land to the taxation of the special purpose vehicle and the exit taxation,
  • structuring  various plans for stimulating and rewarding management and employees, such as stock purchase plans and stock option plans, from a tax perspective,
  • structuring tax exemption schemes, such as tax exemption for reinvested profits, research and development incentives and exclusion of IT employees from income payroll tax,
  • taxation of the employees’ benefits,
  • matters which incur special mobility regulations such as double taxation avoidance and social security rules in case of employees working in multiple countries,
  • taxation of freelancers,
  • structuring corporate tax efficient solutions,
  • personal financial planning
  • other daily tax matters.

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